The Story behind BLOM baba

What is BLOM baba?

BLOM baba is is an Eco-friendly liquid detergent composed of natural, safe for human and nature friendly ingredients. Its enriched with human grade probiotics, which assist in getting rid of odours and stains. The Probiotics create a natural micro flora and providing additional protection from multiplication of pathogenic bacteria. The detergent has been specifically formulated to clean the fibers of cloth nappies, without compromising the integrity of the fibers, thus ensuring absorption remains in tip top condition. Although it was created for Cloth nappies, BLOM baba is suitable for all laundry, including silk and wool.

The story behind BLOM

When I became a mom, my perspective on everything changed. All of a sudden I was reading labels on everything and googling various ingredients to check if they would be safe for my baby. I tried most of the laundry detergents out there (even imported some from the USA), and struggled to find something that was effective, would ensure my baby’s nappies and clothes were cleaned efficiently, but also be gentle and environmentally friendly.

When I failed to find something that ticked all the boxes, I started looking at an alternative plan, luckily for me, my hubby is a research and development biologist for one of the leading biological companies and has developed numerous products for the hygiene industry. After numerous consultations, test, trails and errors, BLOM baba was born.

I have been using this detergent for all my baby’s laundry and cloth nappies, and soon started using it on all of our washing. That was more than a year ago and I have not regretted it. BLOM baba clean clothes effectively, and they remain soft without needing to use a fabric softener.

Benefits of BLOM baba

Being a green girl at heart, one of the most important things about any products I use is the impact that they have on my health, as well as on my surroundings and environment. I am proud to say that BLOM baba was created in such a way that it is beneficial to the environment. Not only does is not cause any pollution or harm, it actually enhances the area where it ends up in. This means that you can use your laundry water in your garden, and have a nicer garden!

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