The Blom Baba Basics

Here at Blom Baba caring for your baby, your skin, your home, and your environment is our passion and what we love doing. We’ve put together the Blom Baba Basics – which is a guide to all our eco-friendly detergents and why you need to start healing your body and your home with probiotic cleaners.

No matter how hard we try to keep our floors, windows, surfaces, and homes clean for our babies, it’s all quite useless if you’re using conventional branded detergents and cleaning agents which are extremely harmful and toxic to you and your family.

Your home may look clean but let’s face it your baby will always find something that ends up in their mouth!


What makes Blom Baba different?

Here at Blom Baba we pride ourselves in creating eco-friendly and safe cleaning detergents and products that make you healthier every time you use it!

Here are the main scientific reasons why cleaning with natural probiotics and compounds is the smarter and safer way to go:

  • Human grade probiotics bacillus subtilis & probiotic lipase, rids your laundry of odors and stains, and is enriched with microflora which restricts the multiplication of pathogenic bacteria – Bacillus subtilis breaks down uric acid and eliminates ammonia build up – so goodbye germs and nasty smells and stenches!
  • The probiotics are good bacteria that neutralize the bad bacteria creating clean laundry that keeps you and your environment safe 
  • The microbial formulation is where the good bacteria does all the hard work. Blom Baba has a neutral PH level that ensures the elimination of mineral build up and residue on clothing fibers 

Blom Baba was created to ensure your home is clean and germ free, chemical and toxin free and absolutely loved by moms and babies!

The Blom Baba Laundry Detergent

The Blom Baba laundry detergent is a synergy of 4 natural ingredients that heal your body and make you healthier by just wearing your clothes! 

Free from harmful chemicals, toxins, bleaches and dyes, Blom Baba enriches its surroundings – wherever it ends up. 

The combination of human grade probiotics and the microbial formulation ensures your family’s clothing is free from harmful bacteria, pathogens, odors and residues. Blom Baba creates fresh smelling and wonderfully clean clothing!


The Blom Bio General Purpose Cleaner

Our Blom Bio general purpose cleaner not only smells fantastic but is also extremely versatile!

Powered by good bacteria, the Blom Bio general purpose cleaner breaks down dirt, grease, and grime – leaving your surfaces squeaky clean.

The Blom Bio general purpose cleaner is suitable for use on any surface, including counters, tables, your baby’s feeding chair, pram, car seat, toys, change-table and anything that your little one may come in contact with. 

An extremely important addition to the Blom Bio general purpose cleaner is the powerful cleaning probiotics. Scientific research has shown that babies exposed to probiotics from an early age develop stronger and faster immune systems – helping them fight unwanted bacteria, infections, and disease.


The Blom Bio Floor Cleaner

Let’s face it, for the majority of your little ones’ first years, they’re crawling, playing, eating, sleeping and spending quite a significant amount of time on the floor! (maybe even licking it at times)

Our Blom Bio floor cleaner is a non-toxic, probiotic cleaning agent that effectively breaks down dirt, grease and the bad bacteria we lug in from outside. 

The powerful human grade probiotics effectively clean your floors, while enriching them with healthy microbes which create a protective probiotic barrier on your floors. Rest assured the Blom Bio floor cleaner eliminates harmful pathogenic bacteria that’s harmful to your family.


The Blom Bio Dishwashing Liquid

Using the pure power of lemon essential oils, the Blom Bio Dishwashing Liquid is natural and extremely refreshing!

More often than not the smell of conventional branded dishwashing liquids may make you feel dizzy, or burn your nose as you inhale. Well, those days are over! 

The Blom Bio dishwashing liquid is completely safe and wonderful to use. Cutting through dirt, grease, grime, and residue on pots, pans, cutlery, and crockery – Blom Bio dishwashing liquid remains gentle and non-toxic to the hands and the environment.





The Blom Bio Multi-surface Sanitizer and Sanitizing Hand Wash


With Covid-19 still a major threat across the world, families need to be vigilant and ever-careful. 

Our Blom Bio multi-surface sanitizer and sanitizing hand wash is a powerful synergy of QAC and Chlorhexidine.

Our vision at Blom Baba is to provide you with the best and safest possible solutions to keeping yourself and your family safe. The Blom Bio multi-surface sanitizer and sanitizing hand wash does just that – completely safe and non-toxic to use on any surface in your home or surroundings. 

Not only will it leave your environment smelling refreshed, but it will also ensure 7-9 days active protection from harmful bacteria, viruses, funguses, and spores.


From pillar to post, ceiling to floor and inside out – Blom Baba products are produced to keep you, your family, your home, and your environment healthy, safe, and protected!

Together we can create healthier and safer environments – “We did not inherit The Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children” – Proverbs

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