Blom baba is an Eco-friendly liquid detergent

Specifically formulated to clean the fibres of cloth nappies without compromising their integrity, to ensure absorption remains in tip top condition.

Although it was designed for cloth nappies, BLOM baba can be used for all your laundry requirements. Very effective on fresh stains, older stains can take several washes to be completely removed.

Composed of natural, safe for human and nature friendly ingredients. It is free of Sodium Laureth Sulphate, phosphate and is fragrance free. It has a neutral PH and is enriched with human grade probiotics which assist in getting rid of any odors, stains and also enriches natural micro flora.

Benefits of Blom baba

The added probiotics create a positive effect everywhere, in the pipes, sewer system, rivers, lakes, ponds and finally the ocean. If more people were using environmentally positive detergent, instead of earth harming standard detergent we could make a significant impact on water pollution.

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